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I may go for the Day of the Dead celebration

Or I'll do what a friend of mine showed me in America. When a little beggar knocks on the door, you're ready with some truly scary mask/costume on (as of now, a clown mask will do), you open the door harshly and yell "BOOOOOO!" The nice thing is, you have fun, they run, it reduces expenses, but on the other hand, while you do their job better than


How Hackers Plant False Flags to Hide Their Real Identities

If you're an intelligence agency, say the NSA, you have access to a lot more data. In that case, pointing the finger is possible, but saying how they did it isn't. That's typical NSA job. If they can blame anyone else in this planet but themselves. This is how the war started. Putting other people lives in jeopardy by letting them killing each oth


On Russian hacking connection, the US isn't as sure as Clinton says it is

Of course they are not sure. Heck, even the regular people on the street of USA believes that this is an internal jobs similar to the Watergate scandal. What else is new? Blaming other and spreading more FUD will not solve the problem. They should fix the outdated cyber security system that has needed lots of improvements since the turn of century.


Trial and Error online!

First, do not quit your day job first before you know what are you going to. It's true that all entrepreneur must take the risk. But what you are about to do is not a high risk if you take it soft and slowly. You could try to do an online site. There are free site that you can try such as WordPress or even blogger. Try to write a genuine content on


The requirements to be an expert

The primary requirement to become an expert in a given area is to have true interest in that field. It may help to have some formal education, but that also may diminish your inspiration. You take that true interest, develop it into a grand inspiration and then start "working" things in your field. "working" means not work as in a job, but doing th


Op-Ed: Digital Currency and the Great Wealth Transfer

Really! $12 trillion to $30 trillion? Where's that come from? If that number were true, how come the US public debt is kept increasing year after year! Duh! Most of the baby boomers in fact has to return to work to make their ends meet because of the stupid inflation and decline in their assets. While the Gen X assets are shrinking because of lack


Wishing and Hoping

5 bitcoin is equivalent to PHP 150000. That is a huge amount! I couldn't imagine having that in my bitcoin wallet. But if ever that happens, I will save the 20% in my bank. 50% will use it to buy gadgets maybe laptop or tablet to continue earning from my online jobs. Then 30% I will my family maybe a vacation. Wishing and hoping I can have that 5 b



I'm not really sure why they break so easily, but those micro USB cables are annoying. Every few months I have to buy a new one. But, I am sure it's not just a users fault. I had 3 of them stop working on their own. Just plugged in, doing their job and after some time passed, they stop working totally. So I am positive that beside the user error of


China needs more economic reformers to take up top jobs: Henry Paulson

I admit though that Paulson can get access to China directly to the CCP considered that he was a good friend with all the Chinese leaders and pave way for the Sino-US relations. But, thing has changed. You can't look China from US perspective alone. The tide has turned to the point that the US is no longer having more weight to say about China. It'


Facebook pays Indian hackers the highest amount for cracking Bug in 2016

Well, perhaps it might be more enticing for the Indian workers to crack Facebook. The reason is simple, first, it's kinda a freelance job for them. Secondly, Facebook willing to pay them quick and also using Bitcoin as a medium for payment. So, there is nothing wrong with it as long as FB pays. Maybe FB is testing how good the country cyber defense

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