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Hong Kong still testing food imports for Fukushima's radiation

Well, Hong Kong could get the food from somewhere else, other than a certain produce such as yuzu which is indigenous to Japan. But this statement caught my eye: The US Food and Drug Administration treats Fukushima with a periodically updated Import Alert that permits certain Japanese food imports to be detained without inspection. Doesn't the FDA


How Much Money can one Person Have??

Do you have an opinion on this subject? Do you think there should be no limit to the wealth one should have? Should there be some mandatory donation or not? What is too much?? I mean, let's say you have "Steve Jobs" kind of money, you've bought everything you could possibly think of and the money keeps pouring in, and now you're bored. What are you


'Fake' certificates with many expats working at KU, private universities - Thousands of owners fail ...

Of great! Not only they fake the Visa and perhaps passport, they also fake the diplomas. I wonder what this people jobs are. Some of them even has their PhD listed. Guess, this could impact the quality of education in Kuwait as many people probably take classes with this fake professors. Duh!


Are you a blockchain expert? Would you move overseas?

This article complains about: Japanese Firms Hit by Shortage of Blockchain Experts. Would you move to Japan to take a job as a blockchain expert? Would your motivation to move (or not move) be primarily based on a desire to live (or not) in Japan, a desire for the salary, and/or a desire to be more involved with bitcoin and the blockchain?


dont be a whore

your better than that get a job find a husband and settle down and raise some kids


Shanghai to allow expats over 60 to work

I know that the Chinese immigration policy sometimes regional and not solely depends on the central command (Beijing), as long as you stay within the boundary of the regional areas. I know Hong Kong and Macau like that, but because they are SAR or Special Administrative Region. But for Shanghai to open up like this will flood the city and it's metr


Unemployed expats pose security threat: Committee

Yeah, so what are they going to do about it? In my opinion, having expats to work in the public sector caused more damage to the Kuwaiti in general. Of course the idea is to enrich the culture and give broader insight to the locals. But with the advancement of technology, they should reduce the number of expat that works for the government. Reducin


Young dreams deserve a boost as jobs dwindle in Hong Kong

The problem is not the money or the idea that can make these young entrepreneur to step up the ladder, but the psychology behind it. They are all still haunted by the thought of "What if I fail?" They are afraid of failure as much as paying the investor money back. Those mentality must be discarded first. Giving a big pot of money and other resourc


Have a Sexy Body

If you want a job which is to be striptease in webcam, your client will initial find you interesting and will be your regular customer if you have a sexy body. This includes boobs if your a female or muscles plus abs if your a male. In this case you can have many clients and eager to see you even just in webcam alone.


Ethereum Classic is Starting to Mobilize

There you go! This is the people that believes in ideology of immutable blockchain. This is a matter of principle. If you believe from the bankers point of view where "bailout" is the only way out, then you could stick with ETH, otherwise stick with the principle of ETC. If ETH success, then the concept of immutable ledger and decentralization will

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