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US economy won't grow fast until we unleash entrepreneurs

Because entrepreneurship is the key to creating jobs, increasing the pay of working people, resurrecting struggling communities and spurring growth and innovation. Really! That theory only applies for traditional business model. In the digital domain, you could be an entrepreneur by running a business from the basement of your house. Technically, t


Dd, still need your SS card?

From: GovSimplified (, To: hhhh, Cc: ! **IMG** You may wonder why a social security card is so important? Well, you need it to apply for a job, open a bank account, a driving licence, apply for government benefits, a passport. Hey Dd, On 09/26/2016 you started your social security card application... //l[1] So you already


I think so

The 9/11 terrorist attack that happen in New York, I think is inside job. A well planned attack. Because we all know that the air security is strictly monitored. But that plane crashed was really intended to attacked the building. Making hundreds or even thousands of people died because of that incidence.


Web portal helps expats change jobs in Saudi Arabia

This is good. Of course not many of those expats aware of it other than the professional one. Lots of foreign worker in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is practically labor force. Workers such as construction and domestic helpers are growing like mushrooms.



Well every country has its demands when it comes to getting the citizenship. The usual ways are to get married to someone from that country, get a job and work visa and go from there, or just look up some countries that give citizenship for free. For Bahamas its marriage and a 10 year period as a resident, then you can ask for citizenship.


Dishonesty policy

That not uncommon even in China. Every expats worker from the west where English teacher are normally in large number are being conned to life in not so standard place plus lack of pay. Of course in a country where local custom is 180 degree difference than what you used to live, those could be a problem. Con artist is not only affecting the low in


not easy

Getting citizenship depends on the country. For some it is impossible even if you get married there, like San Marino, Qatar, etc. But there are some where it's more easy, you would need to find a job, learn a language and get incorporated in society, like in Germany.


Wells Fargo Workers Claim Retaliation for Playing by the Rules - New York Times

If they knew before hand, why don't they become a whistleblower similar like what happen at Enron and MCI? Oh, I get it. They need the paycheck. Of course in this tight economy, looking for work is hard to come by even for people that normally works in the customer service department. So, the situation is a loose-loose condition. You didn't do it,



I use to be that guy. The one that writes stuff. Stories, songs, anything that I thought was worth writing down on a piece a paper. But then came life and obligations and job. So now, when I am holding a pan in my hand and got paper in front of, its cause of the work, or cause I'm studying something new that involves my profession so I'm writing th


Escape Artist Pouille Claims Maiden Title In Metz

Oh yeah, this was the best match of today without any doubt, well including turn over in the St. Petersburg from Alexander Zverev. Anyways, impressive work for Lucas Pouille who won against Thiem Dominic in grand finals and claimed his ATP world title. It was surprisingly easy job for Lucas, who won 2-0 in sets.

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