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Car won't start

I have a 1998 SAAB 900 2.0 turbo CSE. I blown the gasket 6 months ago. I just finished to resurface cylinder head/ replace head gasket, when I finished the work I wanted to start the engine and warning lights are on and car won't even crank. Anyone can help me please troubleshot this? What is the reason for this? Any comments? What should I do? Tha


real economics: Why I defend Toyota

Saab Ninety-nine and a 900. The Sprite was the worst piece of shit imaginable, the Saab 900 lasted over 296, 000 miles. until I used to be back to my 30s. Additionally helped chums perform a little pretty serious fixing that occasionally ...


25 Anniversary 9-3 Convertible by Saab

Swedish carmaker Saab is celebrating the 25th year anniversary of their convertibles, and in accordance with this celebration, Saab is releasing a special limited edition of their 9-3 convertible. The limited-edition 9-3 convertibles will also come in unique colors as well as a special trim schemes and will come with a Special Edition badging. If w

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