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Chrysler's starting problems probably caused by battery cables - Salem News: Lifestyles

After a cold winter, difficulty starting the car engine can be pretty normal. But it should not always happen especially during the summer months. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, for a good car like the Chrysler Sebring, if might be the battery. Or the battery cables. Replacement of the cables is the best solution


1997 chrysler sebring not firing after changing the fuse box under the hood

I have a 1997 Chrysler sebring jxi. I changed the fuse box under the hood everything is working and coming on but now the car is not firing


98 Chrysler Sebring

My daughters sebring is a 98 2.5L 6 cyclinder and we have had a problem with it dying on us. We replaced the battery and had the alternator was tested twice and the alternator is fine. What ever is happening totally kills the battery and we have the battery recharged, the car may go 5 miles, you might can go a few days, but same thing happens all o


Fiat Unveiled 3 Chrysler-based Lancias

Ever since Fiat took over the reigns for then struggling Chrysler, Fiat management made it clear what they want to happen with their new acquisition - help Fiat's other struggling brands. And so it happened. Fiat started working on exchanging vehicle models for Chrysler and Fiat's struggling Lancia brand, which over the years saw market share decre


Chrysler Sebring 2002 Convertible

Horn, cruise control not wotking. Fuses check out okay. Also, air bag light stays on.


Forum: my sebring 1997 wont start

The post: my sebring 1997 wont start, Chrysler-Sebring has some excellent conversations. Here is a "i was driving my 97 lxi sebring and it felt and sounded like it was running out of gas. i pullrd into a parking lot -took a look under" hello, did you hit something from the front. there is a shut off swicth that cuts off the fuel pump ...


Chryler Sebring Touring 2004



Chrysler to recycle old models

Facing a two year wait until the fiat-based replacement models are due to liven up their offerings, The Chrysler Group have decided to "freshen up" their poor performers and keep them on the market. The Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger have been struggling to sell but under previous management there were no plans to update the model and keep

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