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The Minister of Happiness Is All That’s Wrong in Latin American Politics

These countries should add one more, Ministry for Comprende Bullshit"! Lots of country in the world are reducing the size of the executive branch's cabinet to lower the budget and the cost of the government. Some of them even start reducing the number of public employees and replace them with computer. No more paperwork, less bureaucracy and less c


How the New York Fed fumbled over the Bangladesh Bank cyber-heist

"It’s a wake-up call and it has to be corrected. To me, I see it as a threat to the confidence people could have in the central banking system." Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) She said that right from everyone mouth! The issue is that computer doesn't rest or do not have office hours like the article depicting. The transfer on the weekend was not ca


Life is Strange being turned into live-action series by Legendary Digital Studios

The digital series will be coming to a computer screen near you, at some point. Square Enix and Legendary have partnered produce a live-action series of the popular episodic game, Life is Strange .


Why Twitter Can’t Automatically Filter Out Hate (Yet)

Computers are getting better at spotting trolls, but they often can’t understand the meaning of messages...


Yahoo Has a Tool that Can Catch Online Abuse Surprisingly Well

Computers are getting better at spotting trolls, but they often can’t understand the meaning of messages...


Improving Transaction Monitoring With Machine Learning And Blockchain

Well, those two are the future of computing anyhow. As time goes by and the trustless system application is becoming more and more reliable, there is no need for human interaction which produces more error than the machine. I think it's more than just transaction monitoring. It could be used in any aspect of computing including IoT.


Bitcoin Network Hashrate Shows First Big Dip Since Halving

It doesn't matter. This is only temporary. In the original Satoshi Nakamoto paper, it mention about the important of protecting the hash rate due to hardware development. But for a time being, the fastest hardware out there plus the speed of the network is still couldn't match the timetable of the halving. Just wait for a month or two, and it will


US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing

Aha ha ha! Back in 2008 when I was still in KS, I calculate that only 10% of the US higher educational institution that still teach their students about coding. Lots of them teach about the philosophy and algorithm or data structure where they leave the "context free" grammar and the syntax of the computer programming language into the hand of the


Tracktion eNews - DAW Freedom Upgrade

!! Upgrade Special Offer view in browser It Just Keeps Getting Better... As we slide into the second half of 2016, we'd like to upgrade our free DAW offerings. This is the same award winning, fully featured multitrack software that has revolutionized and simplified the recording process for thousands of musicians over the last couple of years. It


Save Big on Dozens of Games and Accessories in Best Buy's Black Friday In July Sale

Best Buy’s Black Friday in July sale offers up deals on TVs, computers, and more, but the most exciting discounts are probably on an array of video games and gaming accessories. Read more... ..

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