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Robotic consensus

Planning algorithms for teams of robots fall into two categories: centralized algorithms, in which a single computer makes decisions for the whole team, and decentralized algorithms, in which each robot makes its own decisions based on local observations. With centralized algorithms, if the central computer goes offline, the whole system falls apar


Self-driving cars, meet rubber duckies

MIT has offered courses on everything from pirate training to “ street-fighting math ,” but a new robotics class is truly one for the birds. This spring, a hands-on course housed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) took students on a trip to “Duckietown.” The class’ goal


German High Court: Anti-terror surveillance law partially unconstitutional

...allowing the department to spy on people’s computers using Trojans that can clandestinely search through hard drives and send potentially incriminating evidence back to investigators. How partially unconstitutional it is? When it unconstitutional then it stays that way, there is no partial whatsoever. Of course this was given to the polic


Jigsaw ransomware: Saw-inspired malware deletes files bit by bit hourly until you pay

This is interesting. In addition to get into your computer through phishing email, the malware replace firefox and dropbox executable with their own then delete the files one by one within 72 hours. Smart, very smart! This hacker is not motivated by money, but by chaos. By creating chaos, he/she knows that money is nothing as long as the message, w


Bitcoin community disputes the use of 'Internet of Money'

Let's see the third law of basic logic: Syllogism. If A then B, and if B then C, then A implies C. Ok. You can't patent or trademarks word used in your industry. For example, Bank (A) can't trademark Money (B). And an e-commerce company, which is money (B) based, that solely doing business in the internet can't trademark Internet (C). Thus A who op


Artificial Intelligence Can Now Design Realistic Video and Game Imagery

A remarkable machine-learning trick that cleans up pixelated videos and photographs can automatically generate high-quality computer-game graphics...


Security FYI Newsletter: April 14, 2016

IS&T publishes this newsletter for the communication of periodic security advice, virus alerts, safe computing tips and other kinds of IT security information to the MIT community. More information on IT Security at MIT can be found at .


The Village Is The Biggest Official LEGO Minecraft Set Yet

Coming June 1, the LEGO Minecraft Village is a $199 box containing 1,600 pieces used to create something an 11-year-old could create on their computer in an hour. Plus it comes with an enderman, which is somehow scarier in LEGO form.


Why a Chip That’s Bad at Math Can Help Computers Tackle Harder Problems

DARPA funded the development of a new computer chip that’s hardwired to make simple mistakes but can help computers understand the world...


Can Police Protect Their Drones From Hackers?

Yes and no. The chance are similar to today where hacker can break FBI or CIA or any other government computer. The issue is whether police can afford good cyber security expert. Judging from the look of it, it's not impossible, but only a handful of them can do it. Of course, they are rather just buy the system and be done with it.

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