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What is Bitcoin Backed By?

NOTHING in term of traditional banking and financial system. But for bitcoin, it's backed by a complex mathematical system that run on the trustless computer that acts like a middle man. Regardless who back up who, even fiat currency is not backed by anything. Do you believe that government amassed that much of gold bullion to backed up their toile


Can Apple and Microsoft Give FBI 'Golden Key' to Your Computers?

Everyone heard about the FBI vs Apple fiasco for the past year. In fact, the case is still on federal court and being debated up till now. Now, law enforcement official must obtain a court warrant so hi-tech company can unlock the suspect's device for investigative purposes. FBI and others have done so with many of them. Question surrounding whethe


Uber Begins Its Endgame: Replacing Humans

We all know that soon or later, driver will not be needed as robot or artificial intelligence computer system will replace them. There is nothing wrong to start working right now. After all, despite all the protest by the regular cab driver, soon or later, the technology will be there and no way it can be stop.


US Nuclear Research Lab Developing Bitcoin Analysis Tool

More FUD by the US government. Since Sandia lab is know for their obscure research, what more that they can do for analytical tool on bitcoin blockchain. Attack on the bitcoin blockchain using quantum computer perhaps? Anyway, using taxpayers money on something that already works and operational sounds a waste of resources for me.


PlayStation games are coming to PC, and other signs the end is nigh - CNET

That's users want since long time ago. The issue is just infrastructure. The speed of the network is not capable of handling the large bandwidth. That's all. I never really enjoy console. I mean for someone that ever play Atari, Commodore, NES, PS and Xbox until the mid 2000's, I found out that computer games are much better. In fact, if I need a b


Expatriate Taxation - Who should figure your US taxes?

Texas companies that send their employees on international assignment shouldn't let their employees figure out their US federal income taxes by themselves. Now, I can't imagine why the author of that article limits his suggestion to just Texas companies!?!? However, the issue I think it a deep one that requires lost of personality thought and publi


Australia's Taskforce Argos Hacked Computers Located In The US

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have argued that using a hacking tool to discover the IP address of a Tor user is a breach of rights, Well of course, it's violating the fourth amendment rights despite the court decides that it's not a violation. This would make the federal agent or even a local law enforcement authority roaming the dark web mas


Did Welfare Reform Throw Children Into Third World Poverty? - Daily Signal

The issue is not the "Welfare Reform", but the inflation and human stupidity. Just take a look at the graph above. For those who considered living below the poverty level still have access to smartphone, air conditioning, or even computer. Internet is necessity and those people know how to communicate, but they do not know how to put food on the ta


Could you open your heart to a video screen?

Virtual Reality is coming. Do you think Artificial Intelligence and interacting with your "therapist" via a computer screen is would be or less effective than the current day lie down on the soda and spill your guts routine?


New Malware Sneaking Onto Mac Computers, Bitcoinists Be Warned

Funny, I though Apple is tracking all of their software that can be downloaded through their system, not limited to apps only. This is interesting since most of malware target Windows based system. But I wonder how many Mac users that has been infected and whether they lose their bitcoin or not.

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