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CD player won't load

I just bought a used 2005 GMC Yukon. The CD signal flashes always when radio is turned on but I can't get it to load or unload. Looking into the load slot it appears to have a steel block or rail blocking the entry. I did the 30 second fuse removal posted on another site, but it didn't work. Is there anything I can do other than going to repair sho



This truck is my my 1st Child. It has been in my family since 1996. I am only selling this do to my soon departure to Hawaii. This is a great truck, and I have always stayed on top of required maintenance. The speedometer reads 202, 000, however there are only 58, 000 on the engine itself. New engine was put in. I have the paperwork to show date an


GM Sells 2,555 Hybrids In December

General Motors sales of hybrid vehicles went up in December. GM sold 2,555 hybrids in the last month of the year. The number of deliveries has gone up considerably since September, which they sold a total of 1,957. Around that time General Motors was averaging about 1,000 hybrid sales a month in 2008. Since then, sales have been going up. In the f


GM Recalls 857,735 Vehicles

For the past few years, we have witness how tremendous GM's improvement in their cars have been. We saw a lot of changes that happened and they increased the quality of their cars. They have to do it, or else they will lose its good competition with Toyota. But it seems like GM is still not away form the flaw line. GM recently recalled a total of 8


GM To Scale Back Trucks and SUV Production

##pic=class/Sam_Heisin/GMC_Truck##pic GM, one of the largest auto maker in the world, said yesterday that they needed to shift some of their North American factories from manufacturing trucks and SUVs and instead focused on making cars and crossovers. This decision made by GM will result to almost 3,500 job lay offs. This will affect 4 factories. L


GMC - I Wonder Why

When I was still a kid, I wonder why most of the vehicles I saw in movies are all branded with GMC. Every time I turn myself into watching a film, the chasing part of the enemy and the protagonist will always include a GMC truck or a GMC pick up. The last that I saw with GMC vehicles used is the movie Transformers. If you look more into the movie,

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