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Dodge Neon Loud Noise Help

2000 Dodge Neon makes loud noise when accelerated. It only gets louder the faster you go.It sounds llike the belt but have been told it could be the water pump. It won't let me include a link here yet but its like a screaming sound.


AC only works cold when I use the brakes!

When I use AC in my 2001 Dodge Neon, the air gets cold as it is supposed to when I use the brakes. And only when I use the brakes. Replaced the brake light switch, didn't help. When I hit the brakes, the air compressor comes on. Let off brakes, compressor back off. Help?


2004 Dodge Neon Proportioning valve leaks

So I replaced the master cylinder in a 2004 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 (rear drum, front disc, no anti-lock) and when I got it back together the proportioning valve on the bottom of the master cylinder was blowing break fluid at the o-ring (red arrow in pic shows where). There are two different proportioning valves on this car and now I'm not sure which one


2004 Dodge Neon Master Cylinder and brake lines

this shows the two proportioning valves that connect the brake line to the master cylinder


Dodge Neon speedometer

My speedometer on my 95 neon doesn't work, I see several Neons with the same issue. Hoping someone knows where to start looking.


rampage disc brake conversion

i have a 1983 Dodge Rampage P/U truck with rear drum brakes. looking to convert to disc brakes. any suggestions ? i was told a late model Dodge Neon ? also a 1980's Dodge Charger Thanks Rick


2002 dodge neon

i have a 2002 dodge neon that while running sounds like it is kicking up and down and wants to stall and now always is doing it; already had tuneup; 109, 000 miles on it; could it b transmission?

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