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Link from 2008 Nissan Altima Engine Turns Over, Won't Start: 5 Complaints

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Nissan Rust Problems

Nissan is getting some bad publicity these days. Hundreds of complaints were recently filed over Nissan's rusting problems, particularly for their popular Nissan Altima family. In some cases, the rust problems on the car flooring is so severe you can actually see the carpet if you crawl below. That is a disaster waiting to happen. Dealerships are b


2008 Nissan Altima less then 10K miles on it

I've began having problems as well. However, I don't know if it's in my head but MY car will NOT start everytime after I wash it. IT has to be jumpstarted. I've gone and complained and taken it to dealer...but just like most of you folks that have posted NO LUCK resolving..get the "nothing wrong" Well, of course not cause ONCE i JumpStart it it's g


2007 nissan altima starting battery problems

I found out what is wrong with the push button start 2007 nissan altimas that wont start. I had the same problem with my nissan that everyone else here has. I started haveing starter problems and it would hesitate. Then it stopped starting all togther.But if I jump started it it would start right up. I got a new battery and it worked for about a w


altima 2008 starting problems

I had problems with my nissan altima 2008 some times it stater and some does't i check the battery, stater, alternator.and everything was ok. the problem was the brake light switch. I change it by my self.I find it online for $43 dlls. u can find the switch on the brake pedal of u car is very easy to change and u can save money.I like to share this


Best Selling Cars and Trucks of 2010

For the 34th straight year, Ford's F-series managed to become the top selling nameplate of 2010. It is up almost 28% from 2009 sales. We don't know how Ford was able to do this, but the F-series is currently the most successful line of vehicles to date. Coming in at second place is the hefty Chevrolet Silverado, which has increased its sales by up


Forum: Service engine soon

The forum discussion: Service engine soon, Nissan-Altima has some excellent information. Here is a "I have a 2000 Nissan Altima. It is now displaying a light that says service engine soon. Why is that? I get the oil and fluids changed" I HAVE SQEAKY WHEEL COVERS HOW DO I ELIMINATE THE ... For the service engine girl: My service engine s


Forum: Battery/Starting Problems

Resource: Battery/Starting Problems, Nissan-Altima has some good resources. Here is a snippet. "Once in a while I am having problems starting my 2005 Nissan Altima. When the problem happens I get in the car and nothing will turn on. To" I also have been having starting problems with my 2000 Nissan Altima for the past 4 years now. ... I


Car Battery Problems and Issues

Faulty or dead car batteries is one of the first things being checked when a car refuses to start. Electricity is needed by vehicle running with an internal combustion engine. Cars usually have a system of charging it battery when the engine is on, it stores electricity it would be needing for the next start. This battery issue seems to be a proble


Answers: Is 2002 nissan altima with 140,000 miles on reliable?

I have volvo s 80 1999 with 137, 000 miles on it but i want to get rid off it cause i go back and forth from virginia to ny 365 miles about twice a month and im wondering is that type of car reliable for that type of challenge or stick with my volvo?

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