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chevy s10 rims

what types of gm wheels will fit on gmc sonoma' Chevrolet-S10 Pickup


1988 chevy s10 fuel problems

Fuel does not pump when key is in on position but only pumps when the motor is cranked. Does anybody know where the problem lies? I thought it was my fuel pump but im having second thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated


1996 chevy s10 problems

I have a 1996 chevy s10 pickup, 4.3 litre. I have been having problems wiyh the truck quitting while going down the road and wont start back, will start if you spray ether on the throttle body. I changed the fuel pump and fuel filter and it ran good for 3 days, now it quit again the same way. any suggestions????


Fan doesn't work consistently on 95 Chevy s10

I have a 1995 Chevy s10 manual transmission. When I start the truck and it's cold the fan doesn't kick in at any speed and the speedometer needle lays on 0 and usually after about 15 minutes of driving the fan will kick in and work normally as well as the speedometer. I've changed the fan resistor and the fan speed control. When I hook the fan up d


To much spare time

I have a Chevy S10 '84 club cab its a 2.8 and I have a '91 Sanoma s10 it's got a 2.5 4 tech. I wondering if I can put the 4 tech into the 2.8?


Can't start my S10 Blazer

I've got a 96 Chevy S10 Blazer that I can't get started. I've got fuel pressure and spark. I've changed the distributor and replaced the timing componants. Timing is within a coiple degrees as per manual specs. Wants to start, but acts like it's too far advanced. Any suggestions?


2004 S10 Fuel Tank -- Any used ones out there?

Been looking high and low for a used fuel tank (or inexpensive new) for a Chevy S10 2004 4WD Crew Cab. Web searches and local shop are coming up blank. Anyone know of a good source or have one? Thanks.


vacuum lines 2001 chevy s10 zr2

need a diagram for vacuum lines for the transpher case and if some could explain how it works my transpher works on dash and i can manuly pull in vac pod under battery but not getting any pod. thanks lb


1989 Chevy S10 PickUP How do you remove the wiper arms

I need to replace the windshild washer nozzle that sprays the fluid on the windshield. In order for me to do this I need to remove the grill under the windshield wiper arms. In order for the grill to come off the wiper arms have to come off. I have looked and looked and can't figure out how the heck they are supposed to come off. The arms only come


2003 chevy s10 problems

2003 chevy s10 ~~I have a 2003 S10 with the 2.2L 4-cylinder and 160, 000 miles. It has the original fuel pump. It... pump issue or an exhaust issue like a clogged catalytic converter? I have checked the fuel pressure it was 25psi

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