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Video: New Police Cars

"New York police car" This is a video of Peekskill Police Department in New York. In this video there is their new Dodge Chargers, and Ford Interceptor.. . .


rampage disc brake conversion

i have a 1983 Dodge Rampage P/U truck with rear drum brakes. looking to convert to disc brakes. any suggestions ? i was told a late model Dodge Neon ? also a 1980's Dodge Charger Thanks Rick


Chrysler Recalls 127K Charger, 300 Sedans

Chrysler Group is recalling some 127,35' Dodge Charger and Chrysler 3'' vehicle... Chrysler, majority owned by Fiat SpA, said it was not aware of any crashes, inju... The recall affects cars from the 2'11-2'12 model years and produced through Dec... A fuse in the power distribution center in the vehicles may overheat and cause l... Chry


2007 dodge charger se/ tranny not engaging at times

Im trying to find out if their r any things i can ck myself b 4 i hav anybody tell me i need a new tranny?, , its winding out at times until it engages, and i just found out i cant ck the fluid myself, , , any help would b appreciated, , ,


1983 scamp interchange parts with1987 dodge shelby charger

Will the body and drive train parts from a 1987 dodge shelby charger interchange with a 1983 plymouth scamp Iam wanting to put the front sheet metal and drive train out of the dodge shelby charger in the 1983 plymouth scanp truck


Dodge Charger SRT8 only 25400 miles

$28, 000. SRT8 Charger, 5- speed automatic transmission, 6.1L HEMI V8, 24500 miles, 20"Aluminum wheels, Power sunroof, non-smoker, all original parts, absolute mint condition, garage stored, driven only on the weekends, pictures coming , windows tinted with Lamar tinting. also available 10" subwoofer and 800 watt amp all parts brand new. Please sen


Questions: Is a chrysler 300 '07 or a dodge charger 07 allowed up Mt. Washington

I heard that there are limitations to a car that can go up this mountain. they say, car which does not have a 1 or L marked on its gear shift is not allowed.


Maracaibo, Venezuela

I did not expect a contrast crossing from Columbia to Venezuela, it was quite marked once we were in Venezuela, the road crumbled, the cars are all 70s big, American, wide bodies with bench seats, or they are dodge chargers, and the rubbish piles into drifts along side the fractured road.


Dodge Gives Sedan The Charger Treatment

Muscle car enthusiasts may be disappointed with what Dodge has released as the new Charger. This is the first four door model to adopt the Charger name and as a large rear-wheel drive sedan it not be quite what people would expect from the name. As a replacement for the Intrepid, the Charger uses many parts from the Chrysler 300 and as such bears m


Alfa-Romeo Is The First Fiat-Chrysler Tie-Up Vehicle?

Rumors are spreading that the first Chrysler-Fiat tie-up vehicle brand will be an Alfa-Romeo that will be built in Chrysler's LX platform. The vehicle is said to be built in Chrysler's Brampton, Ontario assembly plant.~~ A report said that the full-size Alfa Romeo will be built together with the plant regulars, the Chrysless 300, Dodge Charger and

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