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A daring young man ventures into the jungle

Jack was a young man, barely 17 years old. He was pissed off the world. Pissed off at his parents, and extremely pissed off at school. Somehow he found an opportunity to go The Netherlands and work as a computer programmer. He was sent an airline ticket and left home with $20 in his pocket. He had no idea who the people he was going to work for rea


The 12 Best Cars from the 2015 New York Auto Show

1. McLaren 570S 2. Acura NSX 3. Lincoln Continental Concept 4. Subaru Performance Concept 5. Porsche Boxster Spyder 6. Jaguar XF 7. Aston Martin Vulcan 8. Honda Civic Concept 9. Cadillac CT6 10. Nissan Maxima 11. Smart Fortwo 12. Kia K900


Robert Bowen's 'UNNATURAL SELECTION' Opening Soon

Time Flys. While it's hard to believe that it's already time to announce a new ... In case you missed it, Alex had the opportunity to interview Bowen as a feature... As a Lincoln Continental, Odd Nerdrum & tentacle fetishist with a healthy d...


Parts needed

Looking for parts for my 69 Lincoln continental 4 door need: windshield, door panels, power window motors, and front end kit. please reply on where I can get these parts. Thanks!!


Forum: 1969 Lincoln Continental for sale whole or parts

This forum post: 1969 Lincoln Continental for sale whole or parts, Lincoln-Continental has some good discussions. Here is a lead in. "For sale 1969 Lincoln Continental parts or whole.I live in Minnesota contact me for more" hi i am trying to restore a 1969 lincoln to suprise my brother.i need a engine wiring harness the ... hi i need the


Blog post: Broken Dreams And Hot Rod Lincolns

Cars and rock & roll. Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, film director and activist Neil Young is better know for driving blistering electric guitar ...Lincoln Continental. But, like a number of movie and music stars Neil backs green vehicles and alternative energy projects. He is into vehicles that run on alternative energy. But were no


car lock problems please help?

i have an 94 lincoln continental and it has a number code on the door i can use to get into my car but it dont work. does anyone know how to fix this. i need that because i bought the car used and i only have a electronic opener i dont have a regular key to unlock the door.

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