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electrical gremlin

have 1997 s10 blazer 4x4. When key is in run position or vehicle is running the ABS light on dash stays on and the power windows and blower motor wont work. At first ABS light would go off and everything would work, but now the light stays on and windows and blower will not work. help please as windows are down and rain is in the forecast. Thank yo


Forum: 4x4 wont work?

The forum discussion: 4x4 wont work?, Ford-F250 has some useful discussions. Here is a preview. "I have no 4x4. I have a 01 f250, and when I turn the switch to 4x4 nothen, no lights nothen... any help would be great" did you try to respound to my ... yeah it is your fourwheel drive module it is located behind ur glove box they cost aroun


Forum: Engine runs, then sputters and dies after 1/2 hr

This message: Engine runs, then sputters and dies after 1/2 hr, Nissan-Pickup has some good information. Here is a "My 93 Nissan SE runs fine, then surges and dies after abot 1/2 hr of driving. Wont start again for about 2 hrs--then runs very poor. Any" something is getting hot and not working properly,could be a bad ecm or distributer if

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