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Travel: Best 'Quiet' beach in the Mediterranean?

Travel: Best "Quiet" beach in the Mediterranean?Aah, The Mediterranean Sea! A perfect place to enjoy the sun with a bottle of chilled rose wine on the beach. And while you're laying down on the clean sandy beach, dreaming about paradise, you can barely hear the sound of birds and the waves in the sunny places favorite among European. Best "Quiet" b


Winter driving

Winter driving is dangerous because it's so difficult to know what is going to happen and accidents take place easily. Fog can be waiting to meet you over top of the hill on after another turn on the road. Ice might be hiding beneath the melting snow, waiting to send you off the road. The car coming towards you can suddenly slip the road. So be car


Most expensive thing

Well, for me, the most expensive thing that I bought would be my apartment. That's about to change really soon. But that's a story for another time. But when it comes to expensive stuff, the one that I liked buying was my car. I am just crazy about driving, what can I say. It's like meditation, I am focused when behind the wheel.



The city that the US online portal ,, "declared the best city for young people in the whole world, not least due to its culture and long tradition is certainly - Vienna. It is a city located in the heart of Europe, in which merge tradition and multiculturalism. It can be said that the Vienna real European cultural capital. For this reas


My car

Ever since I was a kid i liked playing with toy cars, making races in my head, smashing them and fixing up again. And then when I was 10, my dad took me on a road to teach me how to drive (while sitting in his lap). And ever since then I was hooked on cars and driving. And since I got my license I think there is no day that has passed that I haven'



I was pretty young when I first drove a car. I mean, I was always at the wheel in my dads lap ever since i was 5 or 6 years old. But the first time that I really drove was when I was 11. My dad decided That I was old enough to learn it on my own. And he was right. Ever since then, I have always been crazy about driving, speed and adrenalin.



Yes I know that i was pretty old. My dad is so protective of me so he did not allow me to near the wheels of a car. It is a fun experience. I had fun. Right now i do not drive, No car.



I'm all about cars, speed, adrenalin and risk. I like feeling alive and I usually get that feeling when I am behind a wheel. Just me, the road and the physics that apply when speeding. So, to get to the point, the movie that I like about speeding and cars is "Gone in 60 seconds" and the soundtrack for it is a song from Moby called Flower. When driv


Tesla Says All Vehicles in Production Capable of Self-Driving - Bloomberg

Dang! He's faster than anyone else in this issue. Imagine that one day all the automobile will be self driven. Musk has pulled lots of stun with this one. The question is now, how far the AI will works in reality. Although Musk said that he do not encourage driver to take their hands out of steering wheel, many will still do that and rely solely on


German officials: Tesla shouldn't say 'Autopilot' in its ads - Engadget

An experience pilot knows what is "autopilot" means. But wait, in the sky, there is no border nor traffic as crowded as on the ground. If people can't drive and rely on the computer to drive them, then they shouldn't sit behind the steering wheel anyway.

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