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Tesla Says All Vehicles in Production Capable of Self-Driving - Bloomberg

Dang! He's faster than anyone else in this issue. Imagine that one day all the automobile will be self driven. Musk has pulled lots of stun with this one. The question is now, how far the AI will works in reality. Although Musk said that he do not encourage driver to take their hands out of steering wheel, many will still do that and rely solely on


German officials: Tesla shouldn't say 'Autopilot' in its ads - Engadget

An experience pilot knows what is "autopilot" means. But wait, in the sky, there is no border nor traffic as crowded as on the ground. If people can't drive and rely on the computer to drive them, then they shouldn't sit behind the steering wheel anyway.



We use cell phone while driving because we don't want to miss on important schedule.... and it's somewhat addicted to the point that we do not concern about our own lives rather than losing our communication devices. But hey, the problem is right now is just the cognitive process of someone while driving. With extra tools such as handsfree set like


Toyota Joins the Race for Self-Driving Cars with an Invisible Copilot

The Japanese carmaker is using real and virtual experiments to train cars to drive themselves-and to take the wheel when a driver is in trouble...


Need for Speed - here's a list of supported wheels and PC requirements

Minimum and Recommended PC requirements for racer Need for Speed have been announced alongside supported driving peripherals. First up, here's what your tower or laptop needs to run the Origin PC title.


American Truck Simulator Impressions: I Nearly Crashed Into a Bus

I'm falling asleep at the wheel. I've been driving for 16 hours straight, hauling freight across the border between Nevada and California.


Tesla Motors Autopilot Hits Turbulence As Hong Kong Officials Order Driver Assistance Software Removed From Model S

"Tesla Model S owners in Hong Kong discovered this week features letting their luxury electric cars steer and change lanes automatically had been disabled wirelessly." "Wirelessly?" Looks like Tesla installed spyware on all of their car so it can be disabled wirelessly. Imagine if that get hacked and hacker can drive your car remotely with PS/2 con


Link from 97 ford f150 4 wheel drive problems |

Confirmed link from to Car Auto Solutions: First click through viewed: 11/03/15 19:50


Generalization About the Han

//l[1] Seven police forces now investigating child sex abuse claims against former PM Heath ... Gloucestershire police confirmed it is one of the forces looking into an allegation made against the late politician. A statement said: "We can confirm we have received an allegation against Sir Edward Heath. "The Constabulary has referred the allegatio


Google's self-driving cars are now cruising the streets of California

Self-driving cars are now a reality, and Google's very own is now cruising the streets of California. The cars are driving by itself, but for safety reasons, a driver is still on standby inside the car behind the wheel, but is doing nothing, unless an emergency happens. The cars are traveling at a relatively slow speed of 40 km/hour right now. Goog

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