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Did you guys see the video clip of it? Did you think that's an alien ship? Hell no! That's just a bug that walking on this meatballs telescope looking for food. By the look of it, it could be a flea that has manifest itself on his/her telescope!



I believe that it is entirely possible that life exists outside of Earth but that video looks like horseshit. Most UFO videos look obviously staged or just incredibly vague. I will only believe it if there is clear video proof or I encounter it with my own eyes.


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Facebook is testing videos that autoplay with sound turned on - The Verge

Another crapola from Facebook! I put a special adds-on to block flash from my Firefox/chrome browser for the time being to prevent auto-play. And now, Facebook intentionally want to make it as a default? Having lots of annoying static adverts already pain in the ass, moreover sounds and videos' garbage.


Tracktion eNews - BioTek Sound Designer Edition available!

!! BioTek Sound Designer Edition view in browser The BIOTEK SOUND DESIGNER EDITION! BioTek's new Sound Designer edition (BioTek SD) is now available for download! It allows users to deep dive into the inner workings of this immersive instrument. Utilizing the all new Acktion! Engineâ„¢, BioTek now provides unprecedented control, wi


Mysterious Ancient Objects We Still Don't Understand

Many ancient objects found in the world. This video shows some ancient artifacts with some mysterious facts. Those artifacts are mysterious because those are made in the time when mankind were not so developed to do so. Then who build them? There are also two more ancient artifact named Antikythera Mechanism and London Hammer are not shown in this


Most Mysterious Treasures Found Underwater - YouTube

Many mysterious things out there in the world that we don't know. This is a video that shows mysterious things that's found under the water and still unsolved. The question is where did it come from and why it is there?


Not real

This video is either modified with some video editing software or it was some bug on the telescope. Either way it was not an object moving over Moon surface. First of all it is too big for any sane moving object. It is approximately 100 times smaller than visible Moon and that means about 35 km in diameter. Second, its movement as seen would be aro


Could you open your heart to a video screen?

Virtual Reality is coming. Do you think Artificial Intelligence and interacting with your "therapist" via a computer screen is would be or less effective than the current day lie down on the soda and spill your guts routine?


Mount Kilauea - Spills into the Ocean - first time in years

I love this stuff - Volcanoes, Lava, Continent building, etc. The video and photos that come from these events is amazing, especially at high resolution. I'd love to go and visit Hawaii just to see to lava flow, black sand beaches,.... and of course, the pie.

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