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'Beyond the Void' Video Game to Host Crowdsale in November to Fund Development

This is good news. What the better way to raise money other than crowdfunding from your trusted users or players. The idea is to gather as many support as you can. Prudent dictates that game designer should also listen and take input from those people who contribute to their creation.


La bouche perfoms

This performance is really super, singing and dancing are awesome. When i watched it first several times I wanna spontaneously repeat these motions, it ignites concretely. So I recommend this video, if you wanna a little dancing through the night.


The Phantom of the opera by one man

Well, it's nice singing and performance. I think, it's because of Pellek sings here with open heart and the video in some way is original, because of two persons in one. For several times it's really nice to listen to.


Dishonored OST

This is song from the greatest video game ever - I assure you. If you didn't play it - I strongly recommend you, you will get new point of view on life (if you of course have such necessity and inner readiness). It's true masterpiece of art. And soundtrack is just nice and can cause nostalgia.


What do you think the next big technological advance will be?

Hard to imagine anything cooler than the pocket computers of today with far more memory and capability than Nasa's 1970's Voyager series satellites. Large Screen TV with 4K High Def broadcasts, Video games and movies far beyond anything we grew up with; and soon Military grade "cloaks". It's not quite "The Jetsons" but we're getting close; "Hey!! W


Is it indeed? - US elections

I laughed so much while watching this parody on debates. In our country there is no such level of acting for similar shows, so for me it really looks very funny. Maybe Americans are habitual for this, but anyway, this video is viral and I recommend you watch also the first part.


The taste of pet life

This guy is literally genius! I'm sure this video should be viral without any doubts. Because it creates an inspiration, this is really seldom feeling. And I like that Robert is open for everything, including modern ways of music, he is really clever person.


What's your favorite video game?

Well, it's time to raise this very entertaining theme. I think everyone can look through this topic and possibly find something new and interesting for himself. As for me, one of my favorite game is of course Heroes of Might and Magic (parts 2,3,4). If you don't play it (I don't believe though), you must try it right now. It's a whole world of exci


Exclusive Behind The Scenes with Simona Halep!

Video with Simona Halep, actually it was live video. She arrived in Singapore and she is preparing for it. Training and stuff like that. As you may already know Singapore is going to start at 23rd October this year and it is last tournament of this season.


Monica Puig Shakes Things Up

Oh lol, this headline is just.. Anyways, just another video with Monica Puig and you can count as an advertisement. She is making a shake, protein one, the one that she is using while training. I like the recipe, ain't bad at all.

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