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Of rocking chairs

Simple, practical but not a common piece of furniture go into an interior of the home is the rocking chair. Comfortable, various shape, color and pattern of this chair can blend into any style of interior, but also to be detail about themselves when their appearance takes away from class planning. They take up little space, and the original functio


Decor home neon colors

Neon colors can be used for the interior design of the home in a way that is artistic, unique and balanced. Most designer interior design advice to use neon colors in smaller spaces in the home, such as for example bathroom and child's room. But, these colors can be used in other spaces in the home, the kitchen or living room and add a new dimensio


Rugs and carpet in a modern home

Although it is considered that the rugs and the carpet outdated elements in modern interior home, they can become an important accent or detail in the living room, bedroom or dining room. Also, they can define the final range of color or add sophistication texture in the space. Modern rugs and carpet can be in different designs, colors, fabric of,


Hombre technique - an unusual way to decor home

In the last few years hombre technique became popular and was used on the hair, designing clothes and cakes, but also in the renovation of home. The word hombre is derives from the French word hombre which means to shade and hombre, translated from the Italian (hombrere(, and castles of umbra. The term hombre defines the technique of gradual pass o


Design aquarium

The aquarium is not just a decoration interior design home, but first of all a home for the fishes, and so you need to look natural and real. Designing the aquarium, which would be comfortable and safe habitat for fish, and at the same time looked like interesting is a big challenge. Before the beginning of the design should bear in mind first of a


top hotels: the Upper House Hong Kong

I totally love the interior of this hotel. Yes. The interior because I have tried to get exterior pictures but I can not seem to find any online. It is obvious that time was taken to design the furniture and lights of this hotel. It is breath taking.


Milan -Italy

If you love shopping and love to go back from the road with a bag over, then Milan is the place for you. Milan is the center of fashion, an ideal place for shopping: Armani, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, are just some shops where you can find everything that interests you. However, it is not just a shopping what draws tourists to Milan, t



The city that the US online portal ,, "declared the best city for young people in the whole world, not least due to its culture and long tradition is certainly - Vienna. It is a city located in the heart of Europe, in which merge tradition and multiculturalism. It can be said that the Vienna real European cultural capital. For this reas


Madrid - nice city

History of the main and largest city of Spain can be seen in its squares, palaces and parks. Although there are archaeological remains of the former settling in the city, the first historical information about the city on the river Manzanores originating from the 9th century, and one of the theories about the origin of the name of the town comes fr


Barcelona-What to see

Barcelona is a wonderful city, and there you can very much interesting thinks. I will present you some of them. Barcelona is a capital city of The autonomous province of Catalonia, located at the northeast of Spain. I did not go to Barcelona, but my sister yes, and I will try to present you her experience.

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