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Need Engineering and Architectural WOrks

Hi guys, I would like to ask if you know what site I can submit my works of engineering and architectural field and earn for it? Like freelancing. I can do estimate, interior designing of your dream house I can turn your house into 3D for you to see it in to awesome way.



I love colors, that much I can say. I do not have favorite one, but I have many colors I like depending on their use. I like to ware maroon, navy blue and black (if you can call it a color). When it comes to interior design, I like dead salmon, etc.



Depending on what is your specialty in drafting. I notice that some people tend to concentrate in one field such as machinery, architecture, geology, interior design, etc. And once they are stick to it or find their niche, they tend to not move to other sector due to their interest. I found that most people depend too much on their CAD software and


Dubai Salary Grade for 2015-2016

The United Arab Emirates Labour Ministry releases salary grades every 2 years (which is the usual contract length) for specific job titles. Each Emirate has their own salary grades. Therefore the a marketing position in Dubai does not necessarily get the same salary for the same position in Abu Dhabi. The salary grade serves as a guide for companie


RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board

RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board RYMAX Maxto Board is a new kind partition board for high quality buildings. It is compounded of patella cement, silver sand, porcelain granule, with fiberglass mash reinforced. With the structure like cement wall, RYMAX Maxto Board has excellent stability and durability. It is widely used


Your friend wants to Bang you.

You live believing that things were always the same, until you recall your mother's face when she told you the family was getting a phone... A line phone, that thing that goes in the wall; that thing that rings whenever someone wants to run a survey on you or when your aunt wants to talk to you and, basically, nothingelse.


Love for Times Square

A professor and PhD student from the Department of Architecture are part of a design team that will transform New York City's Times Square for Valentine's Day, with a dynamic pavilion of mirrored hearts that will both enclose space and reflect scenes of romantic revelers. Designed by Collective-LOK , the pavilion - called "Heart of Hearts" - is a f


Furniture stores in UAE - Dubai, Sharjah - Gusto Furniture | Timeless Classics

Luxury Furniture Store in Dubai for the Exquisite Customer Furniture can be purchased from many stores but only our furniture store in Dubai knows how to create lifestyles especially designing luxury furniture for those who want to add a touch of opulence to their surroundings. Just as a person's identity and taste is defined by the clothes that th


Hydrotherapy Tank (Rectangular Shape)

Hydrotherapy tank (rectangular shape) :the compact, rectangular design, full body tank for hydromassage. The hydrotherapy tank with polished interior, measures : 200cm long x 100cm wide x 50cm deep from inside. Unit comes with one motorized electric turbine ejectors and aerators with turbine carriages & elevators, digital thermometer, adjustabl hea


About Me

This is Emma Anderson from Australia. I loves to share interior design ideas like wardrobes, cabinets, home office, ximula modular, laundry and bathroom etc.

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