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Chinese Company Invests $11bln in Baikal Tourism Special Economic Zone

Ha, so Moscow is start turning to the Chinese too huh! I think they have that long time ago and this time as part of connecting the high speed train from China to Moscow, one by one in the eastern region of Russia is starting to become connected ... by the Chinese.


Is it indeed? - US elections

I laughed so much while watching this parody on debates. In our country there is no such level of acting for similar shows, so for me it really looks very funny. Maybe Americans are habitual for this, but anyway, this video is viral and I recommend you watch also the first part.


Success part 2

I agree with thought that you can have some material achievements like much money, expensive house, solid car and etc. but still be unhappy. These all things can give us some comfort in life but no more. It doesn't cure our soul, it's a personal task. So the right way - firstly understand and accept myself.


Phone Usage in Mexico

Don't worry about using your phone any where around the world. Using of phone in any country is not limited, till only the service provided that is limited. Before you travel from your country to another part of the world, always ask the service provider of your country if you can use their network any where around the world. Yes, use can use your


Fwd: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd

From: Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 8:32 PM Subject: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd To: mailto:frehs (frehs) **IMG** IMPORTANT - Confirmation of the set-up of your Direct Debit instruction, including future payment schedule Account name: JSO SJJ Primary Club: London Oval Sort code: 30-**-** Account No: 4876**** Reference: 00190013047801 Mem



As I learned as a kid and later on, by my knowledge I think that people don't have right to ban something like that if its a part of a religion or a culture. And all religions even say "respect other peoples religion". What we wear and what we believe should not be a governments concern. But we live in a world where moral and ethics don't matter an


My War Against OneCoin. Angelina Lazar Tells It All. Part 1

Aha ha ha! I couldn't agree more with Angelina Lazar. But please do not bring any religion issue to the table. This is clearly a Ponzi. In fact, if the government already look into it, they will not going to run away. Of course, their hotbed right now is in Thailand. Those people, similar to MMM that infect them previously is now bulging in the cou



From: Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders (, To: joe, Cc: Ready to Serve? **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** Nominations are being accepted for seat positions as a Board of Directors or Associate Council member. If you hare interested in serving; please contact the HBA office at 479-452-6213, for more information


Update it

Don't worry. Once you are a US citizen, you have become a US citizen for life even when you relocate to a different part of the world. Becoming a US citizen for life is through your place of birth. As long as your parents gave birth to you in the US, you have the full human right as the same as the President of the US.


Science shows the richer you get, the less you pay attention to other people

This is called "apathy"! I experience the same thing. When you have lots of money, you start thinking about being in a higher class compare to the rest of the people. You don't even look moreover talk to them. This is typical and not only happening in the states. In fact, in other part of the world, they are also becoming xenophobic toward people w

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