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Column: What we need to do to prevent food shortages on a global scale

War. Famine. Drought! It's all part of human history. Despite the efforts of using GMO for lots of species on food sources, the political imbalance in the world cause more problem than the food production ecosystem. Of course life will find a way, but like aquaculture and hydroponics urban based farming, seafood can't pick up the slack on what land


Biggest Irritation in Life

What is your biggest irritation in life? Does it come from within? From outside? Is it beyond your control?The world can really suck. Something are much worse than others. What is the worst part of your life?The thing that irritates me the most Other People: 33.3% Smartphones: 16.7% Windows: 16.7% The News: 16.7% My Family: 16.7%


Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files

DotLoop Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files in an email. 8 Ways You Can Be Part Of A Booming Industry peoplework, not paperwork dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professionals come together to get work done. 700 Pete Rose Way, 4th floor, Cincinnati OH. Call us at 1 (513) 257-0551 Message ID: 99


KYC Dilemma: US Secret Service Seizes $13k from Coinbase Customer

No further details were given regarding the circumstances or motives for the assets appropriation. So, based on the US seizures and forfeiture act, any law enforcement official can confiscate your assets, including bitcoin. Unusually, the original balance appeared to have been converted into fiat, marking an interesting practice on the part of law


Turkey coup prisoners

Well we all heard about the failed Turkish coup recently. Not everybody though has probably heard about what happened to the soldiers that took part in it. Apparently thousands of people that tried to overturn the regime have been arrested, and treated as described in the article.



Yes it’s true, Nellu has been talking about chicha since we were still in New York. I think he was first introduced to it while watching one of the adventure eating/drinking shows and thought, “Wow, that’s weird. I definitely want to try that.” He will try anything at least once – the weirder the better. I think S


Ship hits wall of Panama Canal, renews design concerns

Isn't this kinda oxymoron! They made a new locks with part of the funds comes from the Chinese, so they're bigger and higher capacity ships can go through. But now, after the assessment, they made a mistake in term of "locks" and pumps! Considered that those people already invest a hefty amount of money there, it won't surprised me if they want the


Japan, China meet as South China Sea ruling threatens to create regional craters

The issue between Japan and China is not on the South China Sea, but on the Eastern China. The politics has been going on for decades especially since the end of WW2 where Japan lost lots of their territories as the losing side of the war. Of course by using the decision made by UNCLOS and trolling the Chinese, they could get some dough out of it.


Big Tobacco Gets Crushed by Tiny Uruguay

It is nice to see the little guy win. Of course the real problem is cultural... where people seek out and consume products that are bad for their health from multi-national companies that know nothing but how to make money. I think a much more serious problem to health is other much more prevalent pushers of bad health which at the top of the list


Bone Tomahawk (2015)

I watched this film yesterday. My god it’s so brutal in parts, with disembowelment and torture, etc. It’s not for the squeamish. I always felt sorry for Indians losing their land and lifestyle, but now I think that for some of them colonization was right. I mean they were BRUTAL. On the plus side, a good plot, good actors, good photog

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