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superficially knowledge

Well, I'm not very familiar with Yoga but in general as far as I heard from people it can be very relaxing, it helps you if you have any temper or anger issue, basically calms you down. Also gives you ability to stretch and to do staff which people who don't workout can't do. It is basically as every sport, it will benefit you for sure, you won't b


Western boxing

We don't even think of it as a martial art. It's rather a sport and a killer one. It's notoriously demanding and dangerous. To become competitive, you have to be strong, fast, explosive, agile, tough, totally focused and very gutsy. Entering the ring for the first fight probably doesn't feel that good since you know the main goal of your opponent i


How Fidel Castro's Revolution Turned Cuba into Olympics Power

The difference is pretty simple. When El Presidente Castro implement his sports program, he doesn't play politics (ahem!). He put those people to work without fooling around like in the US where sponsorship sometimes motivate the athletes to work more. This is different than Cuba. The thought of sponsorship or money never present in the mind of the


FIELD of 3,5 hectares close to Piedras Blancas, Montevideo

Large property in development area of the city: The ground is located in the North of Montevideo, close to the neighborhood "Piedras Blancas" and the National Route 84. It has access to three important roads of the area: Rafael Street in the west, Santos Dumont Road in the north and Teniente Galeano Road in the south. The field is ideal to develop


If you were an athlete, what sports would you play?

If you were an athlete, what sports would you play?There's an athlete in all of us. Those who embraced their inner sporty selves are the ones we are cheering for in events like the Rio Olympics. If you were given a chance to participate in a sports event, what sport would it be?What sports would you play if you were an athlete Football: 24.4% Tenni


Rio Olympics 2016: Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby sent home for handshake snub

This is something I wouldn't want to experience in an event. Having a different religious affiliation doesn't mean that you could just deny a person the respect he deserves. And mind you, this is a sporting event and not something that concerns religion. El Shehaby's attitude towards Or Sasson is not the attitude a martial artist must possess. So I


The Greatest Female Tennis Player Of All Time

The Greatest Female Tennis Player Of All TimeFemale tennis players are some of the most popular female personalities in the world of sports. They are arguably more popular than female football and basketball players. Here we listed some of the biggest female names in today's tennis. Let us know who do you think is the best among the rest.The Best F


The Greatest Male Tennis Player Of All Time

The Greatest Male Tennis Player Of All TimeOne of the most popular and most lucrative sports, tennis has provided us with some great entertainment for decades. It has produced some of the biggest names in the history of sports in general. Below are some of the male celebrities in the world of tennis, let us know which of them is the best among the


The World's Best Football Player of All Time

The World's Best Football Player of All TimeFootball, or soccer, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. With almost 4 billion fans, more than half of the world's total population, football has become a staple game in many countries, most especially in Europe and South America. The sports has given birth to a lot of big names in the spo


The Best Sportsman Today

The Best Sportsman TodaySports enthusiasts are having the time of their lives today. The Olympic Games is currently being held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and some of the greatest names in sports have gathered to prove themselves and make their countries proud. We've listed some of the top players in their respective sports, and we'd like to know w

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