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Politics in everything

I don't really watch sports, but not cause I don't like them but cause they made sport not about fun and games but making money. Now days sports are just a big money making/laundry machine. Especially football (or soccer). But i like watching (and playing) volleyball, handball, rugby, swimming, athletics. Much more fun to watch then football.


no sport

I really don't like watching sport, it is such a waste of time. The only "sport" event I am watching is opening ceremony for the Olympic games. Other than that, no thank you. And I can't say I understand guys who get passionate about other dudes running for the balls, either.


#NextGen Zverev Chasing Djokovic, Murray In Bid For History

I don't hate this kid, Zverev, but he definitely needs to step back and re think about his words for a bit. I mean, you need to be optimist, especially in sport like tennis but don't go that far just because you won first ATP World title by luck. He still needs to learn a lot and maybe just maybe he could reach at least 50 percent of things that No


Funny tennis videos Fails- They are famous, they are humorous

Another more than perfect compilation. Worth every second, watched and was enjoying. How someone can not love or watch tennis, I mean for real? Best sport ever, without any doubt. I was training almost every popular sport worldwide but tennis is special. Check out that funny fails and moments. Novak Djokovic is dominating of course.


WTA Independence Day: Rebellion & Independence

As they say: On this day 46 years ago, nine women stood up to the tennis establishment in the name of equal rights. Adam Lincoln looks back on a moment that changed the sport forever. I'm very happy that this actually happened. Girls tennis is not less fun that men. This is one of the sport that actually is equally fun when you are watching. Happy



I think my lucky number is 7, since it has been in my life from the start. In every school I was, I was number 7. In sports i was wearing outfit with number 7. Even my birth day has a 7 in it. But if you ask me, that is not the only number that follows me around. If you pay attention, you will see that many numbers are always there, always repeatin


The Best Race Car Driver Of All Time

The Best Race Car Driver Of All TimeThe world of racing is a very small circle dominated by men with the passion for fast cars and beautiful wheels. From time to time, women do they get their fair share of fame in the sports. We've listed the most popular men and women in the sports car racing, we'd love to know who do you think among them is the b



Since I was in high school i had problems with my back, but its no surprise being that I liked doing everything extreme. Off road mountain biking, rough sports (was into handball for some time), beach volleyball, jumping from high places, jumping into pool or sea from high spots. Anything extreme that brings on adrenalin, I was into it. And so I go


Zippie - 13221391

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What's your favorite school subject?

What's your favorite school subject?We've all been there. Kids sent to school by our parents to learn things. We were given subjects which we needed to take, whether we like it or not. As kids we have a special subject that we like, and there are subjects we hate. We've listed the most common subjects in the world's school system, let us know which

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