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Women's Alcohol Consumption Catches Up to Men's - Live Science

Well, they catch up eventually. Everyone wants a good time by having fun with friends with plenty foods and drinks. While male normally drinks while watching TV and sports, women are partying or socializing with their closest friend. Men tends to be alone when they drinking heavily but the other way around for women who probably love to talk with t



Tennis! Hell yeah, best sport ever. It is not like just watching regularly, few games, few tournament over a year, it is literally watching every single game and every single tournament. Especially WTA, mostly WTA and some of the ATP tournaments as well. I just can't stop watching and won't stop watching. It is been almost 3 years that I'm watching


What sports do you like to watch?

Are you an armchair quarterback waiting with baited breath to spout out your awesome coaching ability at the next Monday Morning water cooler after a weekend filled with sports from Friday to Sunday? Tell us about your favorite TV sport and what keeps you a fan?


Safarova Out Of Moscow As Pavlyuchenkova Battles Through

Surprising match, indeed. I didn't except this results at all, nor anyone else I believe. Oh well, this is why I love tennis and I'm watching it like 24/7, you never know who is going to win, you can never say it with 100 percent. Unlikely to the other sports.


Wrestling and Athletic

If you look at ancient Olympics, the first original sports that were played was running, javelin, wrestling and gymnastics. All of these four encompasses the basic standard of soldiers training. Yes, in order to become a great soldier back then, you must know how to do hand to hand combat, using spears as weapon, move faster than your enemy and be



Boxing is the first one that comes to mind. There are traces of boxing matches dating back as far as even thousands years BCE. Drawings from Ancient Egypt often portray figures of men trading punches and the Ancient Greeks saw boxing as a regular sport. Also, there are sources pointing towards Ancient Rome as the place and time of origins of soccer


What do you think the oldest sport still being played is?

I'm very curious about this question, What even classifies as an old sport? 100 Years? 2,3,400 years? 5000?? - What were they doing back in the stone ages for sport? Saber-Tooth Tiger Wrestling?? What sports are still around today and which one is the oldest. Was it an organized sport, or did one caveman knock on the other's cave and start gambling


Pro Overwatch Player Fined For 'Lewd Comment' About Interviewer

Timo 'Taimou' Kettunen, a member of competitive Overwatch 's Team EnVyUs, was fined by the South Korean e-sports network OGN for making "a lewd comment" in a Twitch chat about one of its interviewers. Read more... ..


Politics in everything

I don't really watch sports, but not cause I don't like them but cause they made sport not about fun and games but making money. Now days sports are just a big money making/laundry machine. Especially football (or soccer). But i like watching (and playing) volleyball, handball, rugby, swimming, athletics. Much more fun to watch then football.


no sport

I really don't like watching sport, it is such a waste of time. The only "sport" event I am watching is opening ceremony for the Olympic games. Other than that, no thank you. And I can't say I understand guys who get passionate about other dudes running for the balls, either.

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