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I will Carter for the child talented with sport

I am just been sensitive and had to ponder before giving this answer, I sure will try to pay for the child with soccer skills, cox there is age limit to train and showcase your self so you can be recognised and get signed. The child with Music talent will definitely understand he can sing anytime of his life, even if he turns 40. I just have to mak


difficult question

Sport became an very expensive investment for children, nowadays they do not think about qualities of talented kids but think only who will pay more. Twenty years ago it was cheaper or even free for those who want to do some sport or if they were talented. If my children have real talents I think someone will notice it and maybe will help. It is re


I am not talented for music

It is sad question. I have two children , and I don't ave money. I am not talented for music so that choice is easy, thy can be sport girls. But if I will need to chose between them, I real don't know.


How to choose?

Imagine a situation - You have two children. Both children are gifted, talented. One of the children in music, the second child for the sport. You do not have the money. Live on average, more impoverished. You have to try and find an opportunity to pay for classes just for one child. Only one thing to train. Only one can realize your dream. Sport-m


Ovcar - Kablar gorge

Ovcar - Kablar Gorge is the most beautiful gorges of Serbia. It is located between two mountains, Ovcara and Kablara, connects Cacanska and Pozega municipality in the Gorge is Ovcar Spa is known for its warm water, it is recommended to treat rheumatism, sports injuries, skin diseases and others. There is also the monasteries which have a total of t


We should stop gambling

Nowadays gambling became very popular and not to say online gambling too. Many of us gambling through many website and those sports gambling are the popular among all. I myself don't like gambling a bit and I think people should stop their gambling in everything.



I do not know how different ones called fans who go to games in order to make a mess. Do these need to attend the matches between the top teams and that in this wild and make a mess, hurting people who came to enjoy the game? States should deal with these hooligans suffer because innocent people and even children. Maybe even play matches without sp



Barbie dolls famous female mannequin. Favorite in girls. still have them in the house and if my daughter grew up. Barbie is at the time of her growing up was all the time present. There are dozens of them. Black Girls, blonde, dark-skinned, white women. They're all here. Sport dressed in gala dresses. All day dressing, which dress more convenient a


Pool Player Naoyuki Oi Is The Best Interview

Naoyuki Oi is crushing it at this weekend's World Pool Masters, both on the table and in the post-match interviews with Sky Sports. Read more... ..


Tug of war

Tug of war is a healthy team sport where individuals learn to contribute to a team. joint effort, resulting in cooperation and team discipline. Tug of war is an amateur sport with a long history, he encourages, promotes and enhances mental and physical readiness for the competition, applicable to the environmental situation in general. It is becomi

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