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car wont start

so 2 days ago i changed all my spark plugs in my 2005 ford escape. now today i had changed my front o2 sensor everything was going fine i had took my battery out to make more room for me to work with. Now that everything is put together correctly my car wont start at all..ots not even turning over .. what tried about evrything i could think of ...c


Forum: Escape ignition won't turn

Resource: Escape ignition won't turn, Ford-Escape has some great comments. Here is a snippet. "My 2001 Escape won't turn on, the key goes into the ignition, but won't turn the cylinder. I took it out to the hardware, came home and" sorry for the grammatical and spelling mistake; I'm doing this from my phone and it automatically ... Daugh


Ford Sales Increase in Maryland and Delaware with F-150, Fusion, and Escape Amon

Ford Motor Co. recently posted a 33% sales gain this past 2009 December. This ended 2009 in which the Auto Industry ...Ford stock has also risen to the highest levels since August of 2005. These gains were no different in Maryland and ...Ford Dealer Preston Ford made gains of 56% in December alone and 12% in the year 2009 over 2008. Ford has ...For

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