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Red Star

Red Star is the most popular and the biggest sports club in Serbia. Red Star is from Belgrade. The major part of Red Star is their football club. They are the only Serbian club who won European Cup on 29th of May 1991. and the World Cup on 8th of December 1991. Red Star has also basketball club, water polo club, volleyball club...


Toma Zdravkovic

Toma Zdravkovic was a singer and composer of folk music, was born November 20, 1938 god. death is 30 September 1991. after 52 years due to illness. He was a legend of folk music and will remain. His songs are still a lot of listening and are popular i will listen to for a long, long time.


Beverly Alit (1968 -) - Called "Angel of Death"

Beverly Alit, a nurse from Grant, killed in 1991 for 59 days four children who were under its control, by using different means. He also tried to kill six other children, and seriously injured another three of them. Called the angel of death and sentenced to life imprisonment.


River Danube

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga It connects 10 countries and about 80 million people of different ethnic, language, religious beliefs and their historical and cultural heritage. No other river has such a diversity of landscapes and historical sites - the Danube is known for its lush vegetation, bays, backwaters and


Dino Merlin

Dino Merlin was born on 12 September 1962. Sarajevo, BiH pop rock singer-songwriter, singer and composer. Merlin Group was founded in 1983. and sang in it until 1991. When he started with a solo career, he has performed at Eurovision . His songs are still popular, I like to listen to his songs.


The most famous diamonds

All women in the world like jewelry. Every woman is that I have a diamond ring, but rare are those that have a chance to really possess. I've always been interested in diamonds, and here's the most famous. Ladies I would like to declare that is yours favorite.


Brand no 1 - YUGO

Yugo car is produced in the Zastava factory in Kragujevac, Serbia. From 1986 to 1991 South and is sold in the US market. Jugo is produced today, but the number of cars produced per year dropped to less than 10,000. There are several models of this car, and it Jugo 45 Yugo 55, Yugo 65, Yugo Koral, Yugo Cabrio ... Flag has produced more than 750,000


Eva Braun - Serbian rock band

Until the appearance of band Eva Braun, Vojvodina town Becej did not exist in the rock maps of our country. Four buddies, Milan Glavaški (guitar, vocals), Petar Dolinka (guitar, vocals), Goran Vasovic (bass, vocals) and Ljuba Rajic (drums) began to listen to music and compose after the death of John Lennon, a first demo recordings were made b


Who's the Worst person in history? (Part two)

Who's the Worst person in history? (Part two)Welcome to part two of the Killer Pie!! This question continues our look into the worst people in history. These are the remaining 11 selection after filtering through a full 100 of Histories "bad guys". yes these are more vile, oppressive, and downright evil people ever! Again, there are Terrorists, Lea


5300 years ago - Eyes - Iceman

Fathers was found in a glacier of the Alps, on the border of Italy and Austria in 1991. He is the oldest European mummy. He had a Neanderthal origin, although genetic analysis showed similarities with the current residents of southern Europe. Before he died he ate meat now extinct species of goats and fruits like plums, which also no longer exists.

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