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The Long Road

Karen woke with a start. She was surprised she fell asleep at all, jammed as she was in the backseat of a Dodge Stratus with two other full-grown adults. As soon as Rick and Tony saw her awake they began laughing uncontrollably. What,  Karen demanded grumpily. This was the first rest she'd gotten since Thursday morning, and it was now around


How much to sell a 2002 Dodge Stratus for?

I have a 2002 white Dodge Stratus that just came out of the shop. It has a new motor (with 120K on it), a new timing belt, new water pump. It does not have a clean title because the last owner hit it once but it was not a big deal and the AC is also not working. Both the interior and exterior looks great, very clean and no scratches on it. How much

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