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Best Pickup Trucks of 2016 - 2017

Best Pickup Trucks of 2016 - 2017Trucks. They are the beasts of the road. It's huge size and massive power is something we all love. We pick some of the best trucks in different categories for model year 2016-2017. Pick your favorite. Full-size Pickup Trucks: Chevrolet Silverado 1500: 24.0% Ford F-150: 19.0% Toyota Tundra: 18.0% Ford F-150 Raptor:


2003 Nissan Frontier Pickup

FOR SALE 2003 Nissan Frontier Pickup Very well cared for from USA, 2nd owner Standard 2 wheel drive 57, 000 miles matching truck cap box liner 5 speed transmission $12, 000 BZD very good condition duty paid and Belize plated Corozal, Belize Contact Donna 631-7626 or email [deleted]


Instrument Cluster Repair

Q: Tell us about the business behind the website A: We repair instrument clusters for many vehicle types. Questiions? Call us toll free 1-888-803-8523 Q: What has been your most successful way of increasing website traffic? A: Using Google Adwords and contributing information on forums. Q: What type of work do you do? A: We repair instrument cluste


98 Nissan Frontier

The battery on my Frontier keeps losing its juice...don't know how many new batteries I have put in it! Replaced the alternator last year. I remove the key when parking it and make sure the radio is turned off...think something is drawing the battery down but can't find lights left on etc. Anyone else having this issue and been able to corr


2000 Nissan Frontier

I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier. The truck runs fine for a while...then starts to sputter, dies, and doesn't want to restart. It acts like its running out of gas. Has brand new fuel filter. The exhaust pipes get red. There are no codes showing. Please help!


Forum: Fuel level sensor input A

The forum message: Fuel level sensor input A, Nissan-Pathfinder has some good conversations. Here is a preview. "hello, i have a 2005 Nissan pathfinder and the check engine light came on. i took it to auto zone and had them check the car with their" Same thing here, and it seems like this is a common problems with '05 Pathfinders. ... I


Navigating with Navara

##pic=class/Sam_Heisin/Nissan_Navara##pic The Nissan Navara is not a new one for many specially for people living in Europe and Asia. It has been there since 1986 up to this date. In it's pretty good years of existence, it has proven a lot and has showcased many qualities you really need for a vehicle. First of all, the Navara is the market leader

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