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2002 FORD F250 XLT 7.3L DIESEL 4X4 Crew Cab Short Bed Mint COndition!!!

PRICE: $3,450 You are looking at a very powerful, Well Maintained, GOOD CONDITION, and super sharp looking 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab FX4 XLT OFF Road Lariat Power Stroke Diesel. This vehicle has all the standard equipments and much more. This truck is in great condition inside and outside. The engine runs very strong with no problem. The


2004 f250 4x4 diesel

I purchased this trk and brought to mechanic to install diesel computer board since not starting in cold, now 9 wks later my mechanic tells me that although I had lights and gauges and radio when I dropped off that now none of the gauges or radio are working and the back lights are dim as if not getting enough power. He says all fuses good and chec



My 97 250 diesel has a leak in the fuel lines running down the frame rail to the tanks. Ford tells me the line set is no longer available from them. Does anyone know where to get a replacement set


f250 6.0 diesel PCM solution

Oxidized PCM pins were causing dash failure for poor connection of the bi-metal plug pins. Used very small white piece of scuff pad to clean only the silver male pins in all 3 of the plugs at this time. Used a anti- oxidation and conductive grease with a toothpick to dot the tips of the silver pins after cleaning. Very little is needed. Too much m


F250 diesel trouble

I have a 05 F250 lariat diesel that will occasionally, every 4/5 months, Lose acceleration abilities, billow diesel smoke out of the tail pipe and shut off. After about 10 min turns over and drives like a dream... Anyone know why this might be happening and how much it's going to cost to repair? The only other association that I can make with the


PCM Plug Pins oxidized/dash guage failure

'03 f250/6.0 diesel-- PCM wire plug pins to PCM oxidized and causing power failure to dash guages etc. Disconnect both grounds on both batteries. Remove drivers side battery etc and unplug 3 plugs to PCM on fender next to battery. Plugs are held tight with off colored cam type locks over the plastic plugs(3). They have bi-metal pins in caps that ox


Check PCM plugin for oxidation-dash guages??

Dead dash gauges on '03 F250 6.0 diesel-found the 3 plugs (multi-pin) on PCM were oxidized. Pull them out of the PCM after dropping all power from batteries (pull ground cables). Had no idea it might solve my 3+ year hunt for this problem! 3 plug ins to PCM have off colored cam over locks that you release and push out to free the multi-pin plug. Re


04 Ford Diesel won't start

I have 04 F250 SD 6.0 diesel 99K cranks but won't start on level ground had it half way up a tilt bed tow and it started any ideas anybody thanks


engine cranks but wont start

My ford f250 diesel wont start, when you turn the key to warm up the glow plugs, the light is not coming on. normally you can hear the fuel pump and glow plugs warming up, not happening now.


Forum: 2000 7.3 Diesel quit running after fuel filter change

Message: 2000 7.3 Diesel quit running after fuel filter change, Ford-F250 has some useful comments. Here is a sneak peek. "I changed the fuel filter on the 2000 F250 7.3 diesel - drove the truck about 30 minutes then turned it off - when I restarted the truck -" check fuel heater connection at lid for filter. there's a O RING AND SOMETIMES

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