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Durango cd/dvd changer jammed

Help!! My CD/dvd changer has been broken for years and Dodge says it's going to be astronomical to replace it.. How can this be fixed? The noise of it cycling over and over after I open the door and 5 min after I start the car is embarrassing..UGH!


A/C Door?

Space above blower motor on 2001 Dodge Durango


Velocity VW-750 Chrome 22x9.5" NEEDED (just one)

I need ONE Wheel. It's a Velocity (MAKE), VW-750 (Model), and it's Chromed. The size is 22x9.5". The Bolt pattern is 5x5.5 or 5x139.7. Is for a 2006 Dodge Durango 4x4. Please send email to ottusio at Hotmail. Thanks.


Otto Leon Profile

I need ONE (1) CHROMED WHEEL (RIM) The Make is Velocity, Model VW-750. 22 Inches x 9.5. Is for a 2005 Dodge Durango. Bolt Pattern is 5-139 or 5x5.5. Please send email to ottusio@hotmail dot com


The Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles for 2008

Even though the American Big Three are currently facing problems with their finances and keeping their sales up, it seems that they are also building the most cars that thieves want to steal. According to Forbes Magazine, the ten most stolen cars of 2008 are the ones owners would least like to go on a travel because of the high price of oil. They a


Snake 245 Profile

Trouble shooting transmission, 2000 Dodge Durango, want change from low to high.


Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge

I have been in and around a lot of dealerships. I will tell you few are as nice and easy to deal with as the Internet Sales Dept. at Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep dodge. I was not sure what I wanted or when I wanted to buy. They worked with me to help me get the right vehicle and at a deal that I am happy with. It is never as cheap as you want it


Durangodriver Profile

2002 Dodge Durango from Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Hillsboro Oregon


2002 Dodge Durango SLT Used Car Interview

What is your name? Jim Where did you buy the car, and who was your salesperson? Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Hillsboro OR. The salesperson was the Internet Manager, Randy May What year, make, model, options package and color of car did you buy? I bought a 2002 Dodge Durango SLT. It is Graphite and I love it. Did you know before you went

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